HR optimization and talent optimization

U.S. Labor Projections (1)

Zalent HR Optimization and Talent Optimization Services
  • By 2020, labor participation will have dropped over 5% to an overall rate of 61.7%
  • This trend will continue through 2024
  • Businesses who proactively invest in talent optimization by implementing process that yields superior sourcing and hiring results through efforts like better interview training for hiring managers will succeed in the face of the shrinking labor economy

Engagement Makes You Money (2, 3)

methods of employee engagement and improve engagement at work
  • Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%
  • Businesses with fully engaged employees produce 2.5 times as much revenue as those struggling with low levels of engagement
  • Companies that make long-term or Perpetual Onboarding a priority through innovative methods of employee engagement will face less turnover and enjoy greater profit than competitors

Your Best Candidates May Not Know You Exist (4)

job posting tips and  writing effective job postings and creating a job posting and  recruiting top talent
  • 86% use smartphones to begin job search
  • 70% want to apply via mobile
  • 20% deterred if couldn’t complete app on mobile device
  • Firms who use HR optimization techniques and practical approaches for important sourcing elements like writing effective job postings will garner better candidate pools that will yield the perfect employer-employee match
  • Those who invest in the best talent management software will ensure their postings are both found by candidates and engage candidates in their device of choice

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